Southern African Rail & Steam Tours
Take the steam train and enjoy the old and relaxing way of travel

Freestate Xplorer 2017 overview Tour cancelled due to few bookings

12 Day Steam Safari from 19.November until 30. November. Every steam operated day we will have different photo-stops and run-pasts. We will use the following steam locomotive classes during this tour: 25NC 3437 / 15F 3046 / (12AR = optional, when operational again)

Day 1: Our train (freight and sleeper train merged in to one train) depart in the early morning of the Sunday the 19.November in direction Freestate. We arrive in the early evening in Kimberley. Day 2: Today we visit the Kimberley Big Hole Museum and the old steam Yard in Beaconsfield. Enjoy a night photo shoot at the Kimberley steam base of Steamnet 2000.  Day 3: On Tuesday the 21. November, before sunrise we start our journey in direction Bloemfontein - Sannasposs - Marseilles. Day 4: Today we start with a highlight! A simultaneous departure from Marseilles (in direction Maseru and Modderpoort) will allow a special and rare run-past. Marseilles station is one of a of few possibilities to record simultaneous departure in South Africa, the day continues with different photo shootings along the line to Modderpoort. Different possibilities for filming and photos at Modderpoort during the evening and the early morning. Day 5: The Thursday leads us via Ficksburg to Generalsnek, again many photo stops and run-pasts. Day 6: is a narrow gauge day, a excursion to Sandstone Estates is planned, our mixed train will bring our guests to Vailima, where a narrow gauge train will wait for you. Enjoy a day out at Sandstone, at the afternoon the turned mixed train will be again at the Vailima siding for your return! Day 7: Today we travel with the mixed train from Generalsnek to Bethlehem and back, different photo stops today to be expected, always the light on the right side..... Day 8: From Generaalsnek we travel with 2 trains in block distance to Bethlehem. Different photo-stops and run-pasts are planned. tonight we stay over at the Bethlehem station. Day 9: Off day with an excursion, lets us surprise you. Day 10: Passenger train to Ficksburg with double steam traction, different photo sessions along the way. Day 11: Steam train back from Ficksburg to Bethlehem. at the Steam depot the Locos where prepared for the long return journey the following day. Day 12: Unfortunately already the last tour train! Early morning departure from Bethlehem to Germiston, we will arrive on the late afternoon take some photos at the steam depot during we clean the fire for the night storage.

Ticket Prices:

Gold Class Double Compartment                                                                                                                                        

Rand 78'700 per Person

Silver Class Single Compartment

Rand 72'404 per Person

Silver Class Double Compartment

Rand 69'250 per Person

Economy Class Single Compartment

Rand 66'110 per Person

Economy Class 4 Berth Compartment 2 passengers

Rand 62'960 per Person

Economy Class 4 Berth Compartment 3 passengers

Rand 62'240 per Person

Economy Class 4 Berth Compartment 4 passengers

Rand 61'240 per Person

Included in the Ticket Prices:

All nights and accommodation on the train / 12 days tour / 11 nights on the train / 9 days steam traction / all meals / 2 bottle mineral water per night / fruit buffet, tea and coffee, 24hours self service / house keeping / Sandstone visit / excursion at Bethlehem / 24 hours on board security / 24 hours medical service

Additional Elements and Prices:


Overnight stay 18/19 November, including a Braai ( South African BBQ) for dinner                                 

Rand 250 per Person

Overnight stay 30.November / 01. December with a pasta fun for dinner                                  

Rand 250 per Person